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You Have Yet To Be Offended

Bloody hell people I can't stand it anymore. I should never, ever, see articles like this one in my entire life. EVER!

English Bobbies Have Nothing Better To Do Than Get Over A Little Word

I wouldn't dare use those words either. I would use words like "lard ass", "fat lady", "disgusting pile of blubber", "Jabba the Hutt", etc. Give me a fucking break that she "wasn't severely reprimanded". We are out of kindergarten here people. I don't need some asswipe wanker with a police uniform on telling me what I can and cannot say when describing the douche bag who just hit me with their car. You see, I would also have used words such as, "dipshit", "fucking idiot", "retard", "moron", "dumb fuck", etc. If a fat fucking twit with the brain the size of a flea comes flying up in their car onto the sidewalk I'm standing on and hits me? The fuck with good manners. I will describe the brainless shitheel however I feel like describing them.

I guess we know why England has such a high crime rate now. Their police are too busy slapping the mouths of anyone who dares to use the grown up words. Let me tell you crybabies something: They are just words. They have absolutely no power if you don't give them any power.

YOU make the choice to let a word hurt you. If you choose not to let a word hurt you, it doesn't matter what anyone calls you. It's irrelevant. Remember the old saying? "I'm rubber and you're glue, whatever you say about me bounces off of me and sticks to you."

They've only been teaching you since you were 5 mother fucking years old that a stupid word has absolutely no fucking meaning if you don't let it have one! He bunch of sniveling idiots in this world. Wah. Wah, wah, wah. Grow a pair, society and take it like a man, ya fucking pussies. THEY ARE JUST WORDS!

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