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Remember the story about Dewey the dachsund that I told you all about last year? Many of the readers signed a petition I had linked that asked that the two bitches involved serve time for the crime of animal cruelty. For the new readers, basically what happened was that one female had a major issue with the dog of her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend and decided it was a great idea for her and her friend to stage a burglary, take the dog and then drown that dog in a bathtub. Yes. She was jealous of a dog.

Some email excerpts between her and her accomplice:

Now, the accomplice has finally received her sentence. Psycho bitch goes to jail.

She will spend one year in jail as she received one count for animal cruelty for the death of the dog and a count for stealing items from the man's home used to stage the robbery. She is also not allowed any contact with animals for seven years in addition to other restrictions. Her attorney states that she is remorseful for what she did. My ass she's remorseful. She's only bummed out because she got caught. Not only did she write the email stating how she didn't feel guilty, but she also pretended to help the guy look for his dog knowing full well her bitch ass murdered the dog. She's bummed out because everyone knows her name now and she not only lost her job but she can't find another one due to this little stunt. Finally, I think she's just acting remorseful cause she knows she still has to face the state of Maine for charges in this crime.

One year. While it's better than the usual harsh, "don't do that again" stern warning complete with fiercly wagging finger from the judge that usually happens, a year is not long enough. All I can hope for now is that the other inmates treat her to a sound beating. We are all aware that some crimes are not looked upon favorably in prison so hopefully murdering a dog will get the bitch knocked around senseless every day of the year. As for her accomplice, I'll keep you updated. (Thank you Debby for keeping me posted.)

Moving on. The case of a WI hunter who shot and killed six other hunters is now in court. I have been watching parts of it on CourtTV and I'm leaning a little towards Chai Vang's favor. Obviously it's not over and I haven't seen everything but what I have seen I can't help but wonder if Vang isn't telling the truth.

Vang was out hunting and apparently ended up on someone's private property, (Willers), to which he stated he had gotten lost. Willers confronted him, called up his friends to see if anyone knew Vang, asked them to come over and help him remove Vang from his property and next thing ya know, six people are dead.

Why does it take seven people to ask one man to leave the property? That doesn't sound right. If Vang was lost, all Willers had to do was to state that Vang was on private property, here's how you leave, thank you, have a nice day. OR, another choice would be to escort Vang around the property to hunt. Either way, when six more people show up with guns and words and insults are thrown around, shit is going to get heated and fast.

Whether or not Vang fired first, I have a feeling some people were being righteous dicks that day. Also? Since I'm becoming less and less caring towards people anymore, what with their bitchy attitudes and selfishness, mostly what I think when I watch this trial is, "Welp, that's six less people to go around killing animals for 'sport'. Fuck 'em." And don't even bother with the evil eye, a majority of the people in this country don't give a fuck about anyone else, they just care less in other aspects. Careful how big a stone you pick up, you might shatter your glass house.

Speaking of not caring, it seems Al Qaeda is looking for employees. When I read this article I couldn't help but think how this organization compares to the corporate world.

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